HPI Property Management

Mission Statement

Provide property management services to our clients by leveraging our lending background in order to provide our clients with higher quality tenants, better asset management, and more convenience for the owner.  We utilize market-leading software with integrated marketing, owner/tenant portals, and the ability to handle maintenance issues quickly to provide faster access to owner’s rental income.

Why consider HPI Property Management for your Sonoma County Rental?

HPI realizes that property management is much more then just collecting rents and fixing a broken faucet. What good is a property manager if they are not focused on managing your ASSET. We believe that keeping your property in top condition it tantamount. Making sure that your renters are not causing damage to your property is of highest importance to us. Our mission is to obtain high quality tenants for your rental property. We have leveraged our experience in underwriting loans for homeowners and use those same underwriting metrics to underwrite tenants for your rental property. We make sure that our tenants meet our strict underwriting criteria before they sign a lease. We also check their rental payment history, criminal background as well as their credit scores.

HPI will do up to 3 full property inspections per year (property report along with photographs) along with weekly drive-by's to make sure your rental property is being well taken care of. We also require any vendor (plumber, handyman, etc) to fill out a report and take pictures of the interior/exterior of your rental property to make sure that any problems that develop are quickly discovered and remedied. 

HPI uses the industry leading software to make sure that we collect rents quickly with tenant auto-pay and get your rental payment out to you as quickly as possible. Our software solution provides portals for Tenants, Owners and Maintenance vendors. Our maintenance platform allows tenants to easily let us know when there is a problem at the property, and put the work order out to our vendors for a competitive bid to keep maintenance costs down. Our maintenance vendors take before and after photographs of any work done which owners can see at any time through their owner portal online. Marketing is a breeze. If your unit becomes vacant it is posted to more than 20 different websites so potential renters can find it easily, inquire online and schedule a showing with one of our leasing agents. 

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